Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rachel Maddow on Dem Unity Against GOP Hate & Division

House Democrats Walked Arm in Arm
Through Protests
Despite a Weekend of Intimidation

By now you heard about the Racial Slurs used against black Members of Congress including the distinguished Civil Rights Leader from the '60s, Rep John Lewis.  

You heard about the Teabaggers yelling Faggot at openly gay Rep Barney Frank.  

You also heard about one GOP Congressman yell "Baby Killer" at Democrat Members of the House. 

By now you probably even heard that the idiot who disgraced his Party and brought shame to the hallowed Chamber of the House of Representatives was Randy Neugebauer, not surprisingly a Texas Republican.

What you might have missed mixed in with all of the other drama surrounding the Historic Passage of the HCR Bill in the House was the Democrat Members of Congress being United as they went about the People's Business.  

The Democrats were not at all surprised by all of the Hate, Fear, Bigotry, Racism, and Division they were Subjected to in doing the People's Business.

When it was time to make History; When it was time to move the Country forward; When it was time to be Progressive; Democrat Leaders Marched.  They locked arms and marched FORWARD!  

They were prepared for what they would have to endure because they've been enduring the abuse of GOP opposition to Progress for as long as there has been GOP.

When asked about being called the 'N-word' Rep Lewis said: "Yes, at least five times. But I'm used to it from back in the '60s"  It wasn't the first time Rep Barney Frank had heard the word 'faggot' either. 

So arm in arm, Democrat Leaders Marched together and arm in arm they made HCR History together.

I'm not sure what makes me prouder to be a Democrat: Passing HCR or the Style, Class, and Courage by which my Party's Leaders handled the People's Business!



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