Thursday, February 18, 2010

HCR Action Alert - Senator Call List

From: Korkie Moore-Bruno 

Subject: Message to the members of March4Change.

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NON then,
Scroll on down.  
Take a LOOK see,
If one or both of YOUR Senators
IS on the list? 
CALL them!
EMAIL them!
TWEET them!
JUST do the 'damn thing already'!
Let's GET ON with some Health Care!

Message to the members of March4Change

Subject: No place to hide .......
This is a list of Senators who are not on board with HCR inclusive of Public Option. If one of them is yours, please call and demand their support if they want YOUR support.

NOT On Board with 
HCR inclusive of Public Option

Sen. Daniel Akaka HI

Sen. Max Baucus MT

Sen. Evan Bayh IN

Sen. Mark Begich AK

Sen. Jeff Bingaman NM

Sen. Barbara Boxer CA

Sen. Robert Byrd WV

Sen. Maria Cantwell WA

Sen. Thomas Carper DE

Sen. Robert Casey PA

Sen. Kent Conrad ND

Sen. Christopher Dodd CT

Sen. Byron Dorgan ND

Sen. Richard Durbin IL

Sen. Russell Feingold WI

Sen. Kay Hagan NC

Sen. Tom Harkin IA

Sen. Daniel Inouye HI

Sen. Tim Johnson SD

Sen. Ted Kaufman DE

Sen. Herb Kohl WI

Sen. Mary Landrieu LA

Sen. Frank Lautenberg NJ

Sen. Carl Levin MI

Sen. Blanche Lincoln AR

Sen. Claire McCaskill MO

Sen. Robert Menendez NJ

Sen. Barbara Mikulski MD

Sen. Patty Murray WA

Sen. Bill Nelson FL

Sen. Ben Nelson NE

Sen. Mark Pryor AR

Sen. Jack Reed RI

Sen. Harry Reid NV

Sen. John Rockefeller WV

Sen. Charles Schumer NY

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen NH

Sen. Arlen Specter PA

Sen. Debbie Stabenow MI

Sen. Jon Tester MT

Sen. Mark Udall CO

Sen. Tom Udall NM

Sen. Mark Warner VA

Sen. James Webb VA

Sen. Ron Wyden OR

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sexual Hypocrisy from the Repressed Puritans on the Right

The modern day Sexual Hypocrisy blatantly being championed from the repressed puritans remains at the core of the Republican party. It has its roots in the moral outrage over Bill Clinton and the Monica foolishness that Republicans jumped on like a 'chicken on a June bug'.

Let me point out that NONE of that ever had a damn thing to do with ANY policy coming out of the Clinton Administration. You know things like balancing the budget, reforming welfare, environmental progress. Silly little stuff I know, but some of that stuff USED to be important to the former Grand Ole Party before the future Teabaggers got their hands on it.

The two biggest lessons from the Clinton/Lewinsky matter is first that its better to have Good Policy with personal indiscretions than to have Bad Policy with a disguise of fake moral authority. The second lesson is that the fake moral authority was hiding an ocean of Republican sexual hypocrisy.

For me its never been about what our leaders do in the bedroom but what they do in the Oval Office or whatever shape their government office happens to be.

These days what I remember most about the whole Clinton/Monica matter is the extremely loud opportunistic shouts for Impeachment coming from the other side of the isle. The most obnoxious screams from the “Moral Majority” outrage came from people like:

Jim Baker the infamous televangelist who worked with Pat Robertson at Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network. Sources at the time, and then later Jim himself, confirmed that he committed adultery with Jessica Hahn, and then used charitable donations to pay her hush money. Fellow televangelists have stated in the past that they believe he's gay. Baker was indicted on 23 federal charges of fraud, tax evasion, and racketeering.

Or how about Appointed President of the United States George W. Bush who was accused in a criminal complaint and lawsuit of raping Margie Schoedinger, who later died in a questionable case of suicide. Bush was also accused by Tammy Phillips, a former stripper, who was quoted in the National Enquirer in 2000 saying she had an affair with Bush that had ended in 1999. Another serious question involves statements from the wife of Red Blount, whom Bush campaigned for, while possibly A.W.O.L from the Air National Guard at age 26. She stated that he was "all over their 14 year old daughter."

George was raised with the same set of 'Family Values' as his brother Neil Bush. In a March 2003 divorce deposition, Neil admitted repeatedly having sex with strange women who just showed up at his room while on an Asian business trip. Overshadowing the sex scandal at the time was a business scandal. Neal Bush keeps a low profile and is not seen in public very often. He also has questionable ties to the security of the World Trade Towers in the September 11th 2001 attacks on the United States.

You might have heard the shouts of "We can't forgive what occurred between the President and Lewinsky." coming from Republican Congressman Ken Calvert, (R-CA), has been called the champion of the Christian Coalition and its "family values." But in reality, Ken Calvert was sued as an alimony "deadbeat dad" by his ex-wife . In 1993, Calvert was caught by police officers receiving oral sex from a prostitute. He attempted to flee the scene but apparently couldn't move fast enough to get away from police, and was arrested.

Remember the shouts of impeachment from Republican Congressman Bob Barr from Georgia? He sponsored the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act, saying "The flames of hedonism, the flames of narcissism, the flames of self-centered morality are licking at the very foundation of our society, the family unit." He was married three times, and paid for his second wife's abortion (she also suspected he was cheating on her). he failed to pay child support to the children of his first two wives and while married to his third and present wife and was photographed licking whipped cream off of strippers at his inaugural party.

Nothing says Family Values like Republican Congressman Mark Foley, (FL 16th CD). He resigned after trying to solicit sex from male congressional pages via an instant messenger program. The conversations included his asking a sixteen-year-old "stud" whether his penis was erect and requesting that he take out and measure his penis. The cover-up involved Republican House Majority Leader John Boehner, Ohio Eighth Congressional District and Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert, Illinois Fourteenth District.

Newt Gingrich, well established crusader against legislation that assists women and the poor, has married three times while spouting Christian values the entire time. Newt Gingrich's campaign worker Anne Manning, admitted that she gave Newt oral sex while he was still married to his first wife, essentially placing Newt in the exact same position President Clinton had to endure when Gingrich and his cronies maintained their pressure over the Lewinski incident. Gingrish informed one wife he was filing for divorce while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer treatments.

I'm a California native and here in the 'Golden State' we have some 'Golden Family Values' from our Family Value Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was the hit Hollywood movie actor turned politician and California Republican governor, has admitted during a Oui interview, having sex with a 16-year old when he was 28. Today men who commit similar acts in Oregon are branded sex offenders and placed in correctional facilities. At the time of the Oui story, Schwarzenegger, then 29, was appearing in "Pumping Iron," a documentary on the bodybuilding circuit. In the Q&A with Manso from Oui Magazine, today's California Governor spoke about his sex life then, his drug usage, and his belief that men "shouldn't feel like fags just because they want to have nice-looking bodies."

Need even more representation from the Christian 'Moral Majority of Family Values' who was once at the center of leading this movement? How about Jimmy Swaggart, televangelist? He was exposed in 1986 by fellow Assemblies of God minister Marvin Gorman, who was having an affair with one of his parishioners. The following year, Swaggart then exposed Jim Bakker's sexual indiscretions and soon after appeared on the Larry King Show stating that Bakker was a "cancer in the body of Christ." As a retaliatory move, Marvin Gorman hired a private-detective to follow Swaggart. During his investigation, the detective found Swaggart in a Jefferson Parish, Louisiana motel on Airline Highway with prostitute Debra Murphree and took pictures as proof of the tryst.

And you just can't think of good ole Southern version 'Family Values' without saying the name Strom Thurmond. He was an outspoken southern Republican senator and racist. According to information revealed toward the end of his life, he had as a younger man raped and impregnanted a 15-year old African American maid. Throughout his adult life, as a politician and U.S. Senator, Thurmond quietly contributed to the family of the young African-American mother of his child. In contrast to, say, George "I Was Wrong" Wallace, Thurmond had always been an ornery redemption project. He did not repent. Even so, his illegitimate daughter further complicated the moral picture.

From the mouth that is Fox Noise we have Bill O'Reilly, host of the highly controversial right-wing conservative talk show the "O'Reilly factor" and the "No Spin Zone." O'Reilly is highly contested over his ability to polarize people along political lines. Bill O'Reilly has been sued for sexual harassment by his producer. The female Fox News producer named Andrea Mackris filed a lawsuit claiming that he subjected her to repeated instances of sexual harassment and spoke often, and explicitly, to her about phone sex, vibrators, threesomes, masturbation, the loss of his virginity, and sexual fantasies. He settled with the producer for an undisclosed amount of money.

Of course for comedy points alone, one of my all time favorites is the high-moral platitudes from 18 year Senator 'Wide stance' Larry Craig who's voice still resonates with the words: "The American people already know that Bill Clinton is a bad boy - a naughty boy. I’m going to speak out for the citizens of my state, who in the majority think that Bill Clinton is probably even a nasty, bad, naughty boy.” However, the sound of his 'Airport Gay Bathroom Body' language is not nearly as audible it did speak volumes of Republican hypocrisy on any issue involving sex.

While you may think I have gone along way out of the issue of Palin's 'Hand Job controversy' this small sampling is a mere drop in the bucket of a long rich history of Republican hypocrisy over any issue evenly remotely related to sex. But it is important to identify the voices and leadership that has degenerated into what is now known as Tea Parties to the Right and Teabagging to the Left.


Here is an selection of Republican sex offenders that are even more because of the roles of they were masquerade their hypocrisy while shouting their outrage

Republican Sex Offenders and Pedophiles

If you have a really long time and have the stomach to handle it, then you might want to feast your eyes on this endless list of Republican sex offenders listed here:

The Lists of Republican Sex Scandals

The 'Moral Majority' is STILL Neither

The 'Moral Majority' is STILL Neither

Somewhere around 1976, Jerry Falwell, started using the term “Moral Majority”. He loved the term so much he named an organization after it. It became a movement which we now recognize as the prototype for the Tea Party aka the Teabagger movement. I really think this was a turning point for Republican politics as they allowed themselves to be led astray with the hypocrisy of the Right-wing extremist religious zealots that have dominated it ever since. I'm talking about crazy-ass fools like “Haiti made a pact with the devil” Pat Robertson.

This influence has deteriorated the once 'Grand Ole Party' of Abraham Lincoln, of my parents, of even Martin Luther King, Jr. into a degenerated hypocritical ideologues that remain silent while their leaders destroy our Constitution; lead us into war for oil; and destroy our economy through their 'Free Market Trade' notions that de-regulated Wall Street and devastated millions of American families by the greed of predatory banks.

The term

'Moral Majority'

swept across the Right

like a 'must not forget' slogan

on a crib note scribbled on Sarah Palin's hand.

The response from the Left was swift, extremely obvious, yet equally simple and to the point. It was condensed to a bumper sticker I had on my car and a button I proudly wore on my shirt: “The Moral Majority is NEITHER!”

The “Moral Majority” term gave way to a even more catchy feel-goody, 'warm and fuzzy' popular two-word slogan: “Family Values”. The new 'Carl Rovian' Republican spin machine has really made an art out of simple two-word slogans that are meant to distract their followers into an illusion of being moral while having missions which are so unmoral, unpatriotic, unlike any of the Jesus who's banner they wave.

Family Values now means things like denying citizens their equal rights because of their extreme religious views that gays are going to hell and therefore do not deserve the same privilege all other humans.

Family Values now means denying the poor, the sick, the homeless any kind of the kind of help that their Jesus was said to have been all about because that would be like socialism; whatever that means.

Family Values now means its OK to continue wars where innocent children and their parents are being killed each and every day as long as we have a yet unfilled fantasy of cheap oil or actually doing something about terrorism.

More recently we learned that Family Values are totally identical and equal to 'Corporate Values' as determined by the Bush Administrations legacy of the Scalia Brand Label Supreme Court. The new 'Corporations are People' meaning they are entitled to the Bill of Rights and most important the right to purchase any and all members of Congress they want to add to their inventory.

In a larger sense these two simple slogans have dominated and defined the two parties for the past 34 years and are even more relevant now with the hypocrisy of Teabaggers crying 'Misogyny' over the plethora of jokes now flooding the 'tubes. But that's a whole other post or two; In fact, my next two.