Thursday, February 18, 2010

HCR Action Alert - Senator Call List

From: Korkie Moore-Bruno 

Subject: Message to the members of March4Change.

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NON then,
Scroll on down.  
Take a LOOK see,
If one or both of YOUR Senators
IS on the list? 
CALL them!
EMAIL them!
TWEET them!
JUST do the 'damn thing already'!
Let's GET ON with some Health Care!

Message to the members of March4Change

Subject: No place to hide .......
This is a list of Senators who are not on board with HCR inclusive of Public Option. If one of them is yours, please call and demand their support if they want YOUR support.

NOT On Board with 
HCR inclusive of Public Option

Sen. Daniel Akaka HI

Sen. Max Baucus MT

Sen. Evan Bayh IN

Sen. Mark Begich AK

Sen. Jeff Bingaman NM

Sen. Barbara Boxer CA

Sen. Robert Byrd WV

Sen. Maria Cantwell WA

Sen. Thomas Carper DE

Sen. Robert Casey PA

Sen. Kent Conrad ND

Sen. Christopher Dodd CT

Sen. Byron Dorgan ND

Sen. Richard Durbin IL

Sen. Russell Feingold WI

Sen. Kay Hagan NC

Sen. Tom Harkin IA

Sen. Daniel Inouye HI

Sen. Tim Johnson SD

Sen. Ted Kaufman DE

Sen. Herb Kohl WI

Sen. Mary Landrieu LA

Sen. Frank Lautenberg NJ

Sen. Carl Levin MI

Sen. Blanche Lincoln AR

Sen. Claire McCaskill MO

Sen. Robert Menendez NJ

Sen. Barbara Mikulski MD

Sen. Patty Murray WA

Sen. Bill Nelson FL

Sen. Ben Nelson NE

Sen. Mark Pryor AR

Sen. Jack Reed RI

Sen. Harry Reid NV

Sen. John Rockefeller WV

Sen. Charles Schumer NY

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen NH

Sen. Arlen Specter PA

Sen. Debbie Stabenow MI

Sen. Jon Tester MT

Sen. Mark Udall CO

Sen. Tom Udall NM

Sen. Mark Warner VA

Sen. James Webb VA

Sen. Ron Wyden OR

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