Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The 'Moral Majority' is STILL Neither

The 'Moral Majority' is STILL Neither

Somewhere around 1976, Jerry Falwell, started using the term “Moral Majority”. He loved the term so much he named an organization after it. It became a movement which we now recognize as the prototype for the Tea Party aka the Teabagger movement. I really think this was a turning point for Republican politics as they allowed themselves to be led astray with the hypocrisy of the Right-wing extremist religious zealots that have dominated it ever since. I'm talking about crazy-ass fools like “Haiti made a pact with the devil” Pat Robertson.

This influence has deteriorated the once 'Grand Ole Party' of Abraham Lincoln, of my parents, of even Martin Luther King, Jr. into a degenerated hypocritical ideologues that remain silent while their leaders destroy our Constitution; lead us into war for oil; and destroy our economy through their 'Free Market Trade' notions that de-regulated Wall Street and devastated millions of American families by the greed of predatory banks.

The term

'Moral Majority'

swept across the Right

like a 'must not forget' slogan

on a crib note scribbled on Sarah Palin's hand.

The response from the Left was swift, extremely obvious, yet equally simple and to the point. It was condensed to a bumper sticker I had on my car and a button I proudly wore on my shirt: “The Moral Majority is NEITHER!”

The “Moral Majority” term gave way to a even more catchy feel-goody, 'warm and fuzzy' popular two-word slogan: “Family Values”. The new 'Carl Rovian' Republican spin machine has really made an art out of simple two-word slogans that are meant to distract their followers into an illusion of being moral while having missions which are so unmoral, unpatriotic, unlike any of the Jesus who's banner they wave.

Family Values now means things like denying citizens their equal rights because of their extreme religious views that gays are going to hell and therefore do not deserve the same privilege all other humans.

Family Values now means denying the poor, the sick, the homeless any kind of the kind of help that their Jesus was said to have been all about because that would be like socialism; whatever that means.

Family Values now means its OK to continue wars where innocent children and their parents are being killed each and every day as long as we have a yet unfilled fantasy of cheap oil or actually doing something about terrorism.

More recently we learned that Family Values are totally identical and equal to 'Corporate Values' as determined by the Bush Administrations legacy of the Scalia Brand Label Supreme Court. The new 'Corporations are People' meaning they are entitled to the Bill of Rights and most important the right to purchase any and all members of Congress they want to add to their inventory.

In a larger sense these two simple slogans have dominated and defined the two parties for the past 34 years and are even more relevant now with the hypocrisy of Teabaggers crying 'Misogyny' over the plethora of jokes now flooding the 'tubes. But that's a whole other post or two; In fact, my next two.

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