Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Keith Olberman on Teabagger Searchlight Rally

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CrazyComposer (aka Peter Amsel) said...

It is so pathetically sad that words alone are really not sufficient to convey how dangerous these vitriolic and divisive protests can become given the right ingredients (racism + rhetoric + guns + hysteria [fueled by ignorance, lies, false promises of 'repeal and replace' and other ridiculous anti-democratic ideals]). It could all become very tragic. Just look at the 'Hutaree' thing - insanity to the enth degree, but how far removed are they from the teabaggers? They wanted to battle the 'Anti-Christ' - who, in a recent poll, 24% said was Barack Obama.

Look, when people are saying that Obama is the incarnation of the Anti-Christ - we've got a serious problem. I'm just thankful that things haven't gotten this crazy here in Canada (yet).