Friday, June 20, 2008

Congressman Robert Wexler - An American Patriot and Role Model for Political Integrity

He's for Impeachment; He's Against the War; He's Been a Hoot on Stephen Colbert; He's Got on His Boxing Gloves -- You Gotta' Love Congressman Robert Wexler!
Fire-Breathing Liberal: How I Learned to Survive (and Thrive) in the Contact Sport of Congress (Hardcover)
Congressman Robert Wexler's Review (excerpt)
"Wexler, a six-term Democratic congressman, opens his memoir-cum-civics lesson by saying, “I want to proclaim on every page of this book that I am a liberal Democrat and proud of it.” Fortunately for the reader, he is able to weave his proclamations into entertaining vignettes from the campaign trail to the halls of Congress in blow-by-blows of his involvement in defining moments of recent history: defending President Clinton from impeachment and challenging the Gore v. Bush decision. There is a fair amount of stumping in the book as the congressman lauds his district, defends his actions and criticizes his foes. But he shines when describing the absurdities of his political career, particularly the pitfalls of his early campaigns -- a manager with a weak bladder and running over a dog in his Wexler-emblazoned campaign car -- and his controversial appearance on the Colbert Report. While the prose is occasionally clunky, it does not detract from the pleasures of this fascinating and humorous insider account of the House of Representatives."

--Publishers Weekly

What a guy. Not only was he the first person in Congress to co-sponsor Dennis Kucinich's impeachment articles against George W. Bush, he is a perennial outspoken U.S. Representative, serving on the Judiciary Committee, who speaks out for justice and peace, even if it flies in the face of the party leadership's desire to let Bush and company get off without any prosecution for their crimes.

Wexler also has a unique view of the 2000 election theft, since it was his Florida congressional district that was home of the infamous Butterfly ballot.

The photo on the cover of his memoir shows him in a box stance, albeit while wearing a suit. Congressman Wexler is a die-hard progressive, a mensch and a hoot -- as his now legendary appearance on the Stephen Colbert Report proves.

This is much more enjoyable than your standard political book. Wexler is a straight talker and mixes it up with humor and provocative stances.

BuzzFlash will be interviewing him soon about his book. We'll bring our boxing gloves.

Representing parts of Broward and Palm Beach County, Wexler ran unopposed in 2004 and 2006.

You can watch some of Wexler's appearances on The Colbert Report by clicking here.

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