Thursday, June 12, 2008

Barbara Boxer on Global Warming

Barbara Boxer on Dick Cheney and Global Warming

Here's the latest from Dick Cheney: "All Americans can be grateful" that the global warming debate was derailed in the Senate.

And Cheney's solution? "Good old oil." UNBELIEVABLE.

We must fight this outrageous defense of the status quo by electing Senators who will stand up for a new America. Click here to contribute to PAC for a Change today!

Last week, the vast majority of Senate Democrats said yes to finally attacking global warming -- not only to save the planet for future generations, but also to put in motion the policies that would lead to new, clean energy alternatives. This means America would finally lead the world on the environment again, exporting new technologies and creating millions of good-paying green jobs. And a critical effect of all this would be saying good-bye to our total dependence on big oil and foreign oil.

So how many Republicans said yes? Only 8! That meant we didn't have enough votes to break the Republican Leadership's filibuster, and the global warming bill had to be pulled from the Senate floor.

That's why I'm asking you, in the strongest possible way, to help us elect more Democrats to the United States Senate -- and, just like in 2006, our PAC for a Change will be leading the charge.

Last week, 46 Democrats stood up for change, while only 8 Republicans stood with us. The Republicans in Congress are fierce defenders of the status quo -- and the status quo is dangerous, especially when it comes to global warming.

We know what science is telling us about the warming of our planet, but most national Republicans would rather stand with the special interests. Senate Republicans stood with the special interests again when we turned our attention to go after gasoline price gouging earlier this week -- and they killed that bill too!

Our PAC for a Change community was a key player in helping Democrats take back the Senate against all odds in 2006, raising over $1,000,000 for Democratic candidates. But we have such a small majority right now -- 51-49. It's way too close.

That's why this November's election is so important. By picking up just six seats, we can overcome the right-wing's roadblocks to change on global warming. And by picking up as many as nine seats, we can reach a solid 60 vote Democratic majority to make even more progress on the war in Iraq, on health care, and on so many issues.

Our PAC for a Change community has already helped some of my current friends and colleagues in the Senate fight off right-wing efforts to defeat them in 2008.

But it's also important that we support Senate challengers who will expand the map and help us reach that critical 60-vote majority in the Senate. That means winning seats back in "blue" states while taking the fight to "red" states where we haven't always won in the past.

Based on the latest polling, Democrats are currently ahead in 11 key Senate races. Through PAC for a Change, I want to send financial support to these 11 Democratic Senate candidates and many others who need our help to propel them to victory this November -- but we can only do it if you help us build up our PAC war chest.

There's power in our numbers. By sending $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can afford, it all adds up to many thousands of dollars -- which we can then rush out to the Democratic candidates who can use it the most.

Please contribute to PAC for a Change today -- and help us pick up 6, 8, or even 10 Democratic seats to build a progressive working majority in the U.S. Senate!

Just imagine what a 60-seat majority would mean not just for us, but for our children's generation: we could take stronger action on global warming, see our troops return from Iraq, provide relief to homeowners facing foreclosure, and restore our civil liberties.

Let's make sure Democratic Senate challengers all across America have all the resources they need to win this year.

Thanks so much for your help.

In Friendship,

Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senator

P.S. We're making progress: The last time climate change legislation came to the Senate floor, we only got 38 votes. Now, we need just 6 more votes to gain a working majority that will help us lead the fight against global warming. Please contribute to PAC for a Change today -- and help us pick up the 6 seats we need to pass strong global warming legislation next year!

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