Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sponsors, Doners; YOUR Assistance NOW Needed!

 I'm Looking for Sponsors to go to
The 2010 CA Democrat Party Convention
Can YOU make a Donation Today?

I really want and need to attend the 2010 CA Democratic Convention in Los Angeles this coming weekend, April 16, 17, and 18. Cost involved with attending this convention are easily in excess of $500. That's with no frills, cheap hotel, none of the big ticket events and so far I have yet to be able to come up with the needed funding.  So I thought I would give this appeal for funding and see what if this produces results.

 Larry D. Halstead and Jerry Brown
CA Attorney General, Former and Future Governor

I am actually a Delegate from the 34th CA Dem Committee (for which I am also the Chair) to the CA Democrat Party and would therefore be a fully authorized Convention Delegate allowing me full access to all events.  But even more importantly is the ability I have to document in the event with pictures and video. In the past I have been able to capture some fantastic footage of our State and National leaders.

Larry D. Halstead and Gavin Newsom
Mayor of San Francisco and Candidate for CA Lt. Governor

All of the Progressive Activist I know are generally driven to do what it is we do by an enormous passion to create change.  We may have various explanation on how that passion for change came about in our lives but the passion is the fuel that drives us.

Larry D. Halstead and Assembly Speaker Karen Bass

Rarely does the resulting Activism ever translate to real income.  Quite the opposite, our efforts for real change are paid for with great sacrifice in our personal lives. If in doubt, just ask our families whose sacrifice, encouragement, and support make it all possible.

Larry D. Halstead and Rep. Maxine Waters

For over three years now I have been working on becoming more involved with what is now called: 'New Media'. I now have at least 50 videos up on at least six YouTube Channels. I have hundreds if not thousands of hours of raw footage for videos I'm still working on or will be when I'm able.

Larry D. Halstead and Willie Brown
Former Assembly Speaker, Former S.F. Mayor

 On this past Easter Day of 2010, I posted a video from footage I had shot last November. "Exposed: Teabaggers Gone Wild" went viral, with over 11,000 views in three days. It was posted on YouTube first before being embedded over on The Political Carnival, then the popular website Crooks and Liars. Eventually I posted it here on Real World Politics along with some background information on the people that appear in the video.

Here is that video:
            "Exposed: Teabaggers Gone Wild!"

"Exposed: Teabaggers Gone Wild!"

Larry D. Halstead and Bill Lockyer
Former CA Attorney General

 Larry D. Halstead and Steve Westley

Larry D. Halstead and Art Torres
Former State Senator
Former Chair of the CA Democrat Party

 Larry D. Halstead and Pat Meagher
Candidate for CA Congressional District 41

 Larry D. Halstead and Rep. Joe Baca
CA 43rd Congressional District

 Larry D. Halstead and Helen L. Doherty
Chair of the CA Native American Caucus 

For the website on the CA Native American Caucus - CLICK HERE

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