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Rep. Alan Grayson Thinks Corporation are NOT People

Alan Grayson Thinks Corporation are NOT People!

If you agree then there is three things you should do:

1. Make Grayson your new Hero
2. Tell him that!
3. Tell everyone you know why he is your new hero

Here is what you need to know:

How to contact Congressman Grayson

Here is what I told him (for example)

Dear Congressman Grayson,
I want to take this moment to notify you that YOU are my new hero!

I am a Progressive, a Political Scientist,an award winning Activist, Business Leader (economic development, green energy), and a Leader in our party (Chair, CA 34th AD Dem Committee).
I am also hooked on twitter at and just put out two tweets I wanted to share with you:

1.President Alan Grayson. Has a nice ring to it eh? #p2 #scotus

2. Dear Alan Grayson: Keep that up and I will stalk you all the way to the White House! #scotus #p2

Someone else did the following ReTweet:

RT @gluesniffer: With Grayson / Kucinch 2012 RT @larrydhalstead: President Alan Grayson. Has a nice ring to it eh? #p2 #scotus

You need to know that the #p2 (Progressive Community) has elevated you to our Number 1 hero which serves as a reflection of Progressives everywhere.

I commit to mobilizing the Left solidly behind you in every way I can. As soon as I send this email I am going to put out a tweet telling the #p2 community to also send you an email with their support.

I am deeply disappointed with every Democratic member of Congress who is not demonstrating the level of leadership in the wake of the SCOTUS ruling that YOU are.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at: or by phone at: (760) 443-7849. Do you have a twitter account? I plan to research it and follow you if you do. Please follow me back to help get more feedback from the Progressive community.

I am a writer and public speaker as well and will use any of my talents and efforts to support you in any manner that I am able.

Please, Please, Please: Stay Strong! Don't back down! Frankly, too many of us Progressives feel like President Obama has let us down and is way too centrist and a too for Wall Street. The mantle has been passed for you to lead the way! We are counting on you!

A million thanks,
Larry D. Halstead

Here is the link to Grayson's website that outlines his program called:

Save Our Democracy

Here is what he has posted there:



(WASHINGTON) – Congressman Alan Grayson (FL-8) announced today that House Judiciary Chairman John J. Conyers (D-Mich.) became the first co-sponsor of the Ending Corporate Collusion Act (H.R. 4433). The bill applies antitrust laws to industry political action committees (PACs). The bill has been referred to Chairman Conyers’ Judiciary Committee for action.

Congressman Grayson said, “I am thrilled that Chairman Conyers agrees with me that something must be done to save our democracy. He exercises Congressional oversight of the Judicial Branch. We are all appalled by the Supreme Court’s reckless decision.”

In a 5-to-4 ruling yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that corporations have the "right" to spend an unlimited amount of money to influence and manipulate federal elections.

I am looking into any and all avenues to alleviate the harm to the American people that the Supreme Court has done with yesterday's decision. I appreciate Mr. Grayson's efforts to respond to the Court's decision and am pleased to be working with him in finding the best means of protecting our political process from undue corporate influence,” said Chairman Conyers.

The Ending Corporate Collusion Act is one of six bills in Rep. Grayson’s “Save Our Democracy” Reform Package. Here is a list of the bills, and what they aim to accomplish:

1) The Business Should Mind Its Own Business Act (H.R. 4431): Implements a 500% excise tax on corporate contributions to political committees, and on corporate expenditures on political advocacy campaigns.
2) The Public Company Responsibility Act (H.R. 4435): Prevents companies making political contributions and expenditures from trading their stock on national exchanges.
3) The End Political Kickbacks Act (H.R. 4434): Prevents for-profit corporations that receive money from the government from making political contributions, and limits the amount that employees of those companies can contribute.
4) The Corporate Propaganda Sunshine Act (H.R. 4432): Requires publicly-traded companies to disclose in SEC filings money used for the purpose of influencing public opinion, rather than to promoting their products and services.
5) The Ending Corporate Collusion Act (H.R. 4433): Applies antitrust law to industry political action committees.
6) End the Hijacking of Shareholder Funds Act (H.R. 4487): This bill requires the approval of a majority of a public company’s shareholders for any expenditure by that company to influence public opinion on matters not related to the company’s products or services.

Florida congressman Alan Grayson laughs in Ben Bernanke's face - priceless!

During his questioning of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke before the House Financial Services Committee, U.S. congressman Alan Grayson (D), representing Florida's 8th congressional district (Orlando, Ocala, Eustis), burst out laughing at Bernanke's hubris.
(21 July 2009)

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