Sunday, June 14, 2009

Glenn Beck with a Turban, just another Terrorist

Glenn Beck with a Turban Would be Just Another Terrorist in Gitmo as He Daily Commits Treason


By Mark Karlin

The other day we ran a photo of Glenn Beck on the front page of with this caption:

The Face of Treason. If Glenn Beck wore a turban and incited violence the way he does, he would be in Gitmo as a terrorist and enemy of the state. Click here to financially support passionate progressive news."

A lot of Americans would consider this a radical, over-the-top statement, but it's not.

Think if anyone who was Arab and vaguely associated with the Taliban or Al-Qaeda were to foment on American television insurrection, rebellion, and treason against the United States government, as Glenn Beck -- and many of his cohorts are doing. Such an Arab would go straight to Gitmo, even as they prepare to close up the torture shop down there.

Beck has engaged in such an unrelenting pernicious fanciful creation of the Obama Administration as the enemy -- just as Al Qaeda does -- that he is guilty of treason. Beck doesn't contest (unless you include the "illegitimate Obama birth" movement) the election of a Democratic administration, he -- in essence -- calls for its overthrow. That's what treason is all about.

But because he's a white guy on the airwaves who has helped bully through the notion that white guys who believe that America belongs to them -- and they've got the guns to make it that way -- he continues to air his anti-American "wink and nod" call for blood in the streets over a phantom enemy (meaning the U.S. government) without repercussions. In fact, he has become a multi-millionaire from spooning out what is essentially terrorist rhetoric.

Beck spawns people like a dangerous nut-job, Bob Basso, who will appear at an Arkansas Tea-bagger event on June 15th, according to Examiner writer, Ron Moore:

Basso says ... that just like the American Revolution thousands will be dead in the streets if Obama is not stopped. He further asserts that America is a “uni-cultural” society and that multi-culturalism will lead to the country’s destruction. He postulates that if Islamic women are allowed to wear “neck scarves” over their face for driver’s license pictures then Klan members can wear their hoods. He apparently believes that by posing as an historical revolutionary figure that his hate speech is more palatable. From the recent murder of a health care provider in Kansas to this week’s killing at the U.S. Holocaust Museum the cries of revolution continue to be treated as marching orders by some leaving us all in peril.

If it walks like a domestic terrorist, talks like a domestic terrorist, and acts like a domestic terrorist, then Glenn Beck and co-horts are enablers of domestic terrorism and a threat to the nation.

And though it is unspeakable to mention, but when you have a FOX and Rush Limbaugh Jihad embedding in the minds of people who are now wired to believe lies as truths, lies presented forcefully on television or the radio, you can bet that there is a Beck-FOX inspired cartel out there planning on assassinating Obama.

We have a fine First Amendment in the United States, but you can't yell fire in a theater if there is none. And you can't promote insurrection and armed conflict -- sometimes with a wink and a nod -- and get away with it. That is, unless you are white and work for a corporation that makes millions of dollars, using the public airwaves, as you promote treason and bloodshed by defining anyone who is not white and Christian as an enemy of the state.

Send Beck, Hannity, O'Reily, Coulter, Limbaugh and the like to Gitmo.

America needs to treat terrorists equally across the board, whether they are on FOX or in Pakistan.

Otherwise, there will be more gunshots -- many more -- as democracy is shot full of holes by the modern assassins of democracy.

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